5 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

5 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

What are the ways to improve your hiring process?

  1. Start hiring for targeted behaviors
  2. Leverage your employees as panel interviewers
  3. Have effective reference checks
  4. Showcase your culture
  5. Build on your talent pipeline

Business leaders need to recognize that hiring is more than just reviewing resumes and holding interviews. It is a step-by-step process that involves finding and hiring the ideal team member in your organization. Knowing the ways to improve the hiring process is the most critical thing needed to build the dream team.

From recruitment to onboarding, there are tons of hiring factors that determine a company’s growth as well as failure. Keep in mind that having an ineffective hiring process can attract wrong hires and hurt the overall productivity and morale of your present employees. In the long run, this can result in losing customers as well.

If you are searching for ideal team members anytime soon, here are five ways to improve your hiring process. Read on.

Start Hiring For Targeted Behaviors

Start Hiring For Targeted Behaviors

Many companies make the mistake of conducting generic interviews that provide little-to-no insight into the candidate’s specific attributes. By prioritizing targeted behaviors over expertise and technical skills, you can build a dynamic team. Think about what attitudes you want your employees to have.

Consider hiring candidates that are humble, hungry, and smart. Humble candidates will acknowledge their weaknesses as something real and this will help you know if they have a genuine attitude. Furthermore, when you hire hungry candidates, remember that it is not about participation alone.

Candidates should be able to display examples of sacrifice and difficulty, which indicates they have a hungry work ethic. Lastly, smart candidates are introspective and understand what other people are feeling. These candidates recognize their pet peeves and strengths or weaknesses. Given that they are self-aware and have self-control, they are ideal team players who value empathy.

Take note that while the hiring tools you use will change constantly, the concept of hiring for attitude will not. Targeting behaviors help you hire employees in the right mindset to learn and contribute to the improvement of your company.

Leverage Your Employees As Panel Interviewers

Your current employees are the ones who will work directly with new hires. It is only right that you leverage on them as recruiters and ask them to take part in conducting interviews.

Consider a panel interview wherein the candidate will answer questions from the group of employees. It would be best to select panel interviewees who will routinely interact with the candidate chosen to fill the job vacancy and who know the organization and its culture as well. For example, an interview panel for a marketing position may consist of a project manager, designer, and marketing chief.

A panel interview helps in reducing bad hires because the interviewers immediately get to assess how the candidate deals with different people. Each interviewer also brings a different set of helpful questions, which improves the process. They can ask questions that can assess how a potential hire will be going about their daily tasks.

Have Effective Reference Checks

Have Effective Reference Checks

Beyond the actual interview, there are many ways to improve the hiring process, with one of the most effective being reference checks. Many employers contact an applicant’s previous employers or schools to learn more about their educational and employment background.

It is important that the reference does not feel extra cautious about the call or feel in any way that he or she is holding the future of the applicant. Employers should explain that the purpose of the call is not only to ask if the candidate is a good employee but rather to determine if the candidate will thrive in the job. References should ask as your consultants, ensuring the candidate is a good fit for your company.

Showcase Your Culture

Nowadays, company culture is everything. It’s a fact that applicants are not interested in monetary compensation and benefits alone. They care about whether the company they work for serves a purpose and they want to fit with the rest of the team. That being said, it is important to showcase your company culture early on in the hiring process.

Incorporate your culture and core values on your hiring pages. You can also feature your mission and vision on the company’s website page. Sharing all these will help applicants understand what it is like working at your company, which makes it easier for you to better the recruitment procedure.

Build On Your Talent Pipeline

Build On Your Talent Pipeline

A talent pipeline refers to a group of candidates who are ready to fill a position. By sourcing candidates before roles open, you will have more time to engage with them earlier. This reduces the time and cost for hiring as the groundwork has been laid beforehand.

You can build on your talent pipeline by identifying high turnover roles, keeping in touch with past candidates, developing your referral programs, and searching for passive candidates.

Key Takeaway

The future success of your company heavily relies on your hiring practices. This is why it’s crucial to know the ways to improve your hiring process.

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