5 Effective Employee Retention Strategies

5 Effective Employee Retention Strategies

What are effective employee retention strategies?

  1. Invest in your employees
  2. Recognize their efforts and contributions
  3. Reassess your employee’s compensation and offer incentives
  4. Build a positive culture for your employees
  5. Promote a work-life balance

Over the past few years, companies of all sizes have found it more difficult to retain their employees. In the United States, they call this phenomenon The Great Resignation, a term coined by Anthony Klotz in May 2021. This describes the phenomenon of workers who deferred from leaving their jobs at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This was not only seen in America but in different countries as well. Despite this curveball, companies should focus on keeping the employees currently on their roster. This can be done by adapting effective employee retention strategies.

Having many employees leave the company can also affect those still in it. As their employer, you need to ensure them that they play a valuable role. Retaining them as well as continuously improving retention strategies can benefit you in the long run. 

Read on to find different strategies you can adapt to retain your employees. 

Invest in your employees

Invest in your employees

There is growth in every organization. This is measured by well your company is doing in terms of its clients and goals, but more importantly, it’s also seen in how your employees grow inside the company, too. 

Your employees want to see that the company cares about their growth as well. LinkedIn’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report showed that over ninety percent of employees would stay in a company that invested in their career development. 

The question now is “how do you invest in your employee?” As an organization, you can tap into an employee’s desires for growth through various efforts. This can be in the form of a mentorship or coaching program or investing in their additional education. 

Recognize their efforts and contributions

Recognition goes a long way in any kind of environment. In pre-school, you may have received a gold star from your teacher for a job well done. Even in the workforce, it’s important for employees to be recognized for their achieving certain goals.

A survey showed that almost 70% of Human Resources professionals report that being recognized was an important factor for their employees to stay in their current jobs. 

Take the extra step to acknowledge the efforts your employees make, especially those who report directly to you. You also need to make sure that other managers in the company do the same for their team. Remember to be consistent across all employees in giving recognition and praise to your employees. 

Reassess your employee’s compensation and offer incentives

Reassess your employee’s compensation and offer incentives

Today’s working atmosphere has become more competitive than ever. To make your employees feel that they are truly recognized, you can offer them incentives. Most employees become more motivated to do work when this is offered.

You should also make sure that your employees are also well-compensated  On top of valuing and recognizing your employees, they must also be well compensated. Try your best to adjust the salaries of employees yearly. If this is not possible, then you can offer bonuses or other forms of compensation.

It’s also important for you to be transparent with the compensation and incentives of all employees. 

Build a positive culture for your employees

The culture you build in your company plays an important part in retaining and attracting employees. Before even entering a company, many already consider the kind of culture it already has. A study by the Associated Press also showed that about 50% of employees would leave their current jobs for a company with a better culture. 

Included in developing this culture is rewarding your employees who live and breathe your company’s core values. You must emphasize how important these values are to them in order for them to internalize and understand them.

Promote a work-life balance

Over the past few years, people have become more aware of the importance of mental health. Included in this is defining the balance between work and normal life. This is very important in retaining overall job satisfaction. 

Be the kind of company that sets clear boundaries for work and life. Encourage them to use their vacation leaves in a year. When overtime is required, you can offer the extra hours off to compensate.

Here, it’s important to know when your employees should be working and when they should not. Employees value companies, supervisors, and managers who understand that they need rest and have jobs outside the walls of their office. 

Key Takeaway

In this article, we provided various effective employee retainment strategies you can apply in your company. As you continue to grow your company, remember that your employees must also grow along with it. Explore different strategies that will work best for your company so that it can be a place where you can nurture and develop old and new employees. 

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