How Leaders Can Help Employees Grow Personally

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How Leaders Can Help Employees Grow Personally


Sean: Okay. Next question. How does your leadership style contribute to the personal development of your employees?

Jeff: Huge. Huge. And again, it was John Maxwell who popularized this one. “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

Sean: Yeah.

Jeff: The level of growth of any employee within our organization cannot exceed the level of growth that the leader has or where the leader is already at. So means to say, an employee under a certain leader cannot outgrow their leader. So if you’re wondering why a certain department or a certain organization is not growing that much, you have to look at the leaders that are at the helm of the organization. So, yes, not just a style, but the character of the leader is highly essential to the personal development of the employees.

Sean: That’s right. And so at that, I think people look at you as the leader. It’s something that we don’t really want to hear. But it’s the truth. People will see you and look at us, their role models. If they can’t get along with you, they won’t go along with you. Also, John Maxwell coined that if they can’t get along with you, they won’t go along with you as their leader. Right? Another thing that I want to share with you is when it comes to leadership, if you’re the CEO or the founder, your core values mission, vision statement and purpose statements usually come from the CEO and the founder. I wrote all of our core values. I wrote the purpose statements that we have, the purpose for the team, the purpose for the clients, purpose for the community and the world. And I wrote our mission vision statements as well. So my leadership extends to the entire organization. Like all six of our core values are principles of mine, and they’re obviously not principles of people who come in. Maybe some people who come in would have one, two, or three of them, hopefully, more. But that’s it. And the other parts of it they don’t have. But we aspire for them to have it and they should aspire to have it, all six core values.

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