Benefits Gen Z Are Looking For When Job Hunting

Benefits Gen Z Are Looking For When Job Hunting

What benefits are Gen Z employees looking for when job hunting?

  1. Skills development 
  2. Work-life balance
  3. Recognition and appreciation
  4. Fast growth curve
  5. Active role in decision-making processes

Benefits are crucial for attracting and retaining employees. However, as with each new generation of the workforce, Gen Z professionals have a completely different mindset from the last. This places new demands on employers and paves a new way for businesses to structure their work environment.

But the question is: what are these benefits they’re looking for, and how can businesses offer them to attract talented Gen Z employees? In this article, we take a look at the top five benefits Gen Z is looking for when job hunting. Keep reading!

Skills development 

Having been exposed to the internet their whole life, Gen Z employees were constantly exposed to a whole different world of possibilities, plus unlimited access to new information. 

As a result, they’re more information-hungry than previous generations. They have a desire for continuous growth and skills development in their line of work. To provide this, you must include flexibility and diversity as keywords in your hiring strategies. 

They also want to feel that they belong and fit into the workplace. When hiring for a specific role, consider Gen Z applicants’ skills and how those skills align not only with job requirements but also with the company’s corporate culture.

You should also consider space for workshops, seminars, and other learning opportunities, in which team members can expand their expertise and educational background. Through this, you’ll provide them stimulating challenges, as well as a chance to express themselves.

Some other tips you can use to foster their growth and retain talent are: 

  • Creating transparent learning or career development plans.
  • Keeping them busy with fulfilling work, but also making sure to give them freedom of choice.
  • Connect them to knowledgeable team members that can help them know more about their skills.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance

The immense threat of generational burnout challenges Gen Z workers today. Employees who are stressed are more likely to miss work, feel disconnected, and quit sooner than those who aren’t. 

Gen Z is very concerned with well-being and self-care, and many of them consider a healthy work-life balance a higher priority, compared to other job benefits.

So how can you provide your Gen Z employees with a good work-life balance, without compromising their efficiency at work?

  • Provide stress management programs.
  • Create a flexible, healthy, non-toxic working environment.
  • Review their workload regularly.
  • Come up with fun activities that they will gladly participate in.

Recognition and appreciation

For Gen Z, it is second nature to desire success — so they continuously seek out that sense of accomplishment in their work. This is, in part, due to their digital lifestyles. In their personal life, they’re used to receiving instant gratification, so it’s no surprise that this expectation bleeds into their professional life.

So how can employers satisfy their high-paced mindset?

  • Create a competitive, yet collaborative and friendly work environment. 
  • Encourage gratitude and acknowledgment between your teams, which can be done through appreciation walls, claps, and more. 
  • Implement employee awards for a job well done.
  • Treat them to company-paid lunches or desserts at least once a week or month.

Fast growth curve

Fast growth curve

Gen Z is drawn to quick growth. They expect more from their employment — not just in benefits, but also in career advancement. So, on top of skill-building opportunities, they also want a chance to apply said skills to more advanced work. 

Providing them with these more chances for career advancement is a good way to retain your Gen Z employees. They’ll feel more stable, have concrete evidence of their growth in your company, and will be more likely to stick around for the long haul. 

But, how can you give that to them?

  • Make sure to be transparent, and build their sense of contribution to the company’s growth — but do this without promising instant results. 
  • Share your company’s missions and visions as well as the core values to help them know their importance at work.
  • Give them opportunities to explore new career paths, moving laterally within the company. 

Active role in decision-making processes

Gen Z workers are interested in knowing that the work they do every day has an impact. They also yearn for autonomy, the adrenaline rush of choices, and a taste of executive-level responsibilities. 

So, your work environment needs to give them opportunities to take on leadership roles and contribute to discussions and decision-making. This will help them feel like they’re making a genuine contribution to the company’s growth. 

As an employer, how do you address their needs without giving away your position in the company?

  • Make sure to be open to their feedback, and give them the freedom to express their thoughts and ideas. It helps build connections and professional relationships, while also making them feel satisfied with their contributions to the team. 
  • Don’t hesitate to offer mentorship or tutors for working guidance.
  • Fill their minds with knowledgeable and experience-sharing meetings.

Key Takeaway

In this article, we listed out the benefits Gen Z are looking for when job hunting. These can be applied in your company to attract young talent, help them grow within your company, and retain them for the long run. 

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