Yasi Zhang’s Advice On Scaling A Small Business

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Yasi Zhang’s Advice On Scaling A Small Business


Sean: What would be your advice on the other end of the spectrum for B2C businesses? So let’s just say they’re selling food-packed meals or they’re selling novelty items, and gadgets. What would be your suggestion to them? There are two years old in the business. They have a team, they’re making money, but they just want to make more money. They want to be dominating their industry. What digital marketing facet would you suggest to them?
Yasi: So I did a couple of training for startup incubators. I always come back to the first question who is your target audience and what is your VP? Because many people didn’t nail these two down. And that’s why when I start to run marketing activities, it’s not effective. So what it means is that define clearly who is your typical target audience. And I understand it really, really, really well. So you know where to reach them and how to reach them and what kind of key message you’re using to reach out to them. And second is to define a clear UVP – unique value proposition. A unique value proposition is beside your product. So your product is solving the problem is addressing the pain points, right? But why do they buy from you? How do you stand out from your competitors? What is there something additional that makes them stick? Make people want to buy from you and keep buying from you? So that’s your UVP – unique value proposition. This is a hard exercise for most companies, they didn’t spend time working on it so that when they reach out to their target audience, their message is the same as everybody else or their messaging is not really addressing the pain point that the target customer they usually have.
So going back to our YouTube videos – because in our YouTube videos, so you want to talk a lot about the promotion of this project and that project. What did they do? Well, that exactly provides a solution addressing the pain points of the audience, because the audience wants to know how to promote their project and they didn’t know what to do. So our video addressed the pain point. And then she talked about a digital marketing agency in Switzerland in the crypto valley serving blockchain tech startups again. We are not a general digital marketing agency. We are only for blockchain tech startups. So then make them feel that we understand them better. So coming back to be to see I think B2C is easier to use marketing tools to reach to a wider audience. But the fundamental question is how the audience profile nearly down and your VP and then work it backward. Establish an effective marketing strategy and plan. When you execute your money spent on content creation, you manage to spend on designing. You manage your money spent on different things that generate the highest ROI for your business. So marketing is an investment, but you have to get the foundations right. Then you are. I will be high, then you will see the growth go.

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