Why is Shiny Object Syndrome a Problem?

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Why is Shiny Object Syndrome a Problem?


Sean: We have a question from Michelle, how can one overcome shiny object syndrome in learning something that’s beyond your current role? Oh, good question. That’s a good question.

Jeff: In learning, how can one overcome the shiny object syndrome in learning something that is beyond your current role? I’m not too familiar, Sean, with the shiny object syndrome.

Sean: It’s like “Ooh, I want to learn that” even if it’s not too relevant to what they’re doing.

Jeff: Oh, yeah. And I think this is a lot of the candidates even direct reports I had in the past have experienced having this one. Even here in Zagana to a certain extent, you would want to try this out, probably this one is good for me, and so on. And you mentioned, that coaching really helps them with this one. The coaching sessions – this is what I would also advocate for leaders in the organization to have is the coaching skills, you have to have that kind of interaction or engagement with your employees where you would as thought-provoking questions that would raise awareness, that would challenge their thoughts so that it would always align to what they want to achieve in life, rather than what you mentioned, the shiny object. “Oh, this is this looks nice. This looks like it’s something that’s interesting.” And then all of a sudden you’ve spent one whole year accomplishing nothing. I think the coaching part would help your employees figure out for themselves, not you telling them that this is something that aligns with what they want to be in the future, and that would help them avoid this kind of scenario as well.

Sean: You know I’m sure you’re going to lose it someday when you’re growing older, you’re going to lose that. So we all are going to lose that, right? We come to a certain age where we just want to get comfortable in our ways. That’s why there’s a saying that goes, “you can’t teach an old dog, new tricks.”

Jeff: I refuse to refuse to believe that, Sean. And I got to be an old dog.

Sean: We all know you’re not that old, you know, shiny object syndrome. It’s more because you haven’t found your burning ‘why’ in life? Because if you find that burning ‘why’ and what I mean by burning ‘why’. It’s you find out the reason why you’re born, you find out the reason why you’re put on this earth. It’s because of that one burning purpose when you find that out. And it could be like two or three things right? Like, for me, it’s running my business for the glory of God. And it’s also making sure that I give to others, and I give to God, and I give to the church. It’s also making sure that along the way I share God’s kingdom with other people, such as what I’m doing now. The reason why I’m able to do this podcast is that I have a business that can actually pay for the show and the editors and everything, right? So those are a lot of burning ‘whys’ for me. And so that’s why it could be more than one thing, but if you find it, then all those shiny objects suddenly fade away, right? Because, you know, these are the things that are super important for me. Or it could be one. This is the thing. This is the thing and I’ve found it. It’s my burning ‘why’ I’m going to focus on this. Suddenly they all lose their shininess or their luster, and you’re not going to be after them anymore. You’re only going to be after anything that’s related to your burning ‘why.’

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