What Makes You Grow As an Entrepreneur

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What Makes You Grow As an Entrepreneur


Sean: You mentioned personal development. What about personal development is so important in critical thinking and becoming a better entrepreneur?
Carol: Because we’re born incomplete. You think about we’re born physically incomplete. We’re tiny little things and muscles don’t work. We can’t stand up, can’t roll over. As we go along in life, we learn a lot about our physical being. We learn a lot about numbers and everybody knows all that. What we don’t do in any country that’s been Westernized, for sure now is work on how our mind works and how it gets in our way.
Carol: So I teach people a lot about – I’ll give an example of what it looks like because we can’t do anything right now because we can’t think well and we get scared and we don’t know how to manage it. So two things. For example, I teach people to be able to self-observe, and I said this in my books, there’s tons of it in my books, especially the last couple. I say, learn to watch yourself. Are you based on what’s happening with someone else being reactive, getting upset or afraid or protective or it is what? Don’t try and do anything about it. Just start to notice when that happens. Or do you want to, while noticing your ego gets caught up and you either are losing confidence or being overconfident or trying to push people or be an influencer? Somehow it’s all about you. Or are you purposeful? Are you able to see not your purpose, but their purpose and join with it? Join the client. If you want to be a great business owner that has a direct connection like B2C business to consumer, you’ve got to be able to read them, to understand them, if you want to help them. That’s purposeful. If you become reactive when they start asking you questions about your charges and your problem with your app and you start pounding on the desk, even if it’s only in your mind, you’re not going to be a good business owner.

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