The Value of Giving Recognition

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The Value of Giving Recognition


Matthew: There’s another thing that I think is really valuable for recognition, right? We have on our Slack, we have a validation channel. And what that is for is peer-to-peer recognition of people who are living up to the values. So it’s not top-down, although sometimes managers do it, it’s one another recognizing and it costs nothing. There’s no cash value. But my goodness, I know for myself when somebody goes, Matthew did this and I think it’s a really I feel quite proud and that recognition and as a manager offering that kind of recognition and validation is also critical. It’s not only about money, it’s about validation and recognition. I just wanted to everything I’ve talked about has been money based. And I want to say there’s more than money.
Sean: No, that is amazing. I 100% agree with that. We practice this as well. In SEO hacker, we have around 40 plus people in the team, and at every town hall meeting we have our clap session because we go to the office three times a week, Tuesdays to Thursdays, and on Tuesdays, we have the town hall meeting. And in that clap sessions, every person in the room gets a chance to say, I want to give claps to so-and-so because he or she did this and that.
So I love it being live for me. I’m an office guy. I’m a face-to-face guy. You know, I’ve worked we work remotely for two years, from 2020 to 2022. So this year, April is when we started coming back to the office. But I find that it’s it’s completely different, and more effective for me at least as a leader if it’s face-to-face. So we have three days a week going to the office. And I completely agree with what you’re doing 100%. And I wish more leaders in the world would do the same.
Matthew: I’m going to borrow that idea clap session. I like that. Yeah.
Sean: Yes, that is what we do. Every time someone says something good about someone, we clap our hands and make sure that that person is recognized.

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