The Secret to growing Your Business: Delegation

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The Secret to growing Your Business: Delegation


Nicole: I’m at that point that I’m scaling, but at this point, like I’m running my YouTube channel, right? It’s pretty massive. And yeah, at this point, people usually hire out things, but it’s hard to start delegating. Like, that’s what I’m trying to learn right now, to start hiring, like outsourcing things, you know, like to delegate things, get people to help me, because it’s hard to scale yourself, I mean, I’ve been doing everything myself, the YouTube, I research it, I make the script, I film it, I edit it, make the thumbnail, and post. And at the start that’s okay, right? It’s for fun. But right now I’m kind of reaching a point nowhere, “Oh, my God, it’s me. Like choosing between do I write my academic paper or do I finish this deliverable, or like do this YouTube, like I’m at that point and a lot of these things can be solved if you just delegate. And just like you said, the things you should know as an entrepreneur is that you can’t do everything by yourself, especially when you’re working on something that you want to scale. Yeah, I’m just at this point, I’m having so much difficulty with how do I even start hiring out? What do I need to outsource?

Sean: Right now you’re not yet outsourcing anything?

Nicole: So everything is still by myself. That’s why like I think your assistant emailed me a while ago. It’s me answering my emails. It’s me communicating with brands. Everything is me. Yeah just like for the receipts, I manually write it because at the start I really wanted to learn all of this. How does it happen? Because like I was just scared that I hire someone right now, but I will never learn it for myself. But I think I’m at the point where I know what to do. I should probably hire someone now.

Sean: Yeah. Yeah. So completely agree at the get-go. I also did all of those things myself so I learned it. That’s actually the very smart thing to do. And then the first jobs that I delegated out when I was starting out are the jobs that for me are the easiest for other people to learn and the easiest for me to let go of.

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