The 4 Most Significant Pillars in Life

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The 4 Most Significant Pillars in Life


Naresh: If you are that 50-year-old person or the 40-year-old person, you’re like, okay, well, I’ve got the kids, I’ve got family, and how do I do this? My situation is my own personal situation. Your situation is your own personal situation. Everyone’s situation is unique. I think the key is you just have to make a schedule and you have to stay grounded there for it’s like a four-legged stool that I focus on mental health, spiritual. Health, emotional. Health and physical health. And all four of these things I accomplish every day. So you might ask. Let me get into the nitty-gritty of what each of these means and how I do it. Well, mental health to me merely means exercising the brain. And I think just working. And I’m a writer. I’m the author of several books. I play chess. Those are great ways. I also do some word puzzles every morning when I wake up. So it’s an excellent way to exercise the brain to stay sharp. That’s mental health. And then you have emotional health. Emotional health. Basically, it means being around people or having people in your life who complement you and who don’t cause problems, who don’t put you down, and who is not a hindrance in your life. This was a harder thing to accomplish when I was younger because when you’re younger, you’re just at least in my situation, you’re trying to find your group, you’re trying to find who you are. Like, in my case, I moved to a different city where I didn’t know anybody.
So sometimes you’re just desperate to make friends or meet people. So when you’re younger, that’s a problem. But then as you get older, then you’ve got to deal with, let’s just say, family issues, extended family issues, things like that, which can cause a damper on emotional health. The key to emotional health is, look, no matter how much it hurts the other person, you have to do what’s best for you. So you want to be around people who complement you, who make you happy, and who don’t bring you down because you’re trying to accomplish a lot in life. So if you have to stop being friends with certain people, then so be it. Go ahead, stop being friends with certain people. If you have to fire a client or two because they’re affecting your day-to-day business, fire that client no matter how much money they’re paying you. So that’s emotional health.
And spiritual health, which is merely just giving thanks, just being thankful every day. It’s not necessarily being religious. I am religious, but you don’t have to be religious. You don’t have to believe in God. It’s just the idea of waking up every morning, being thankful, going to sleep every night, being thankful for the day, and seeing what you’ve accomplished. And then finally, physical health. So physical health is just physical activity. I play tennis like I sprout up swimming, soccer, and basketball. I also go for walks, run when I’m not with my children, and do yoga. You want to try to do something physical every day. When you do all four of those things, you will see your life change and you will see your business improve. You’ll see your productivity improve. It sounds like, oh, this sounds jam-packed like a packed schedule. You’ll see that your schedule is going to free up more and you’re just going to accomplish a lot more and feel better.
Sean: That is amazing. The full pack right there.

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