Keys to Overcoming Fear in Networking With JM Dela Rama

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Keys to Overcoming Fear in Networking With JM Dela Rama

Keys to Overcoming Fear in Networking With JM Dela Rama

Sean: From Erika. I know that networking is a big factor to growing my business, but I’m nervous to speak to more experienced business people. How can I become more confident?

Join a networking group. That’s one of the easiest ways. So some people who are afraid of public speaking actually join those masters and learn public speaking there, and at the same time, get to mentor other people who want to learn public speaking, and they could be business people too. I know a lot of business people actually join those masters because they want to get over their fear of public speaking and they want to communicate better to their team.

I’m a JCI Manila member. That is a really good network for me. I meet a lot of really great people who have a big heart, because JCI is all about giving back to the community. It’s a charitable organization, but you know, there are a lot of people there who have big businesses as well. So consequently, we help the community, we help give to charity, but we also help each other out. And we trust each other because before you get into JCI, You actually have to have a big project done successfully, which is fundraising, turning over that event that you’re going to be doing to give back to the community.

So members of JCI Manila, you know that they pass that test and that creates a stronger bond between us. So join those groups where, yeah, they’re going to ask you for time. I mean, with JCI Manila, sometimes they ask me to connect a certain speaker to the chapter or sometimes I speak. I spoke recently for the JCI Manila podcast. You know, it’s one hour. It’s not big. I enjoyed it completely.

But sometimes they’re going to ask you for favors that you have to go out of your way and you really just have to do that because you love the chapter, you love the people there, you love what you’re doing with them. And they trust you more. You build more rapport with them and they get your business more. That’s how I network. I give back to the community.

There are a lot of people and websites that SEO Hacker works for. And we don’t ask for payment because we know that they’re giving back to the community. For God and Country, we don’t charge. So that’s something that we strongly believe in. It’s not all about money and that actually has paid us back multiple times. So yeah, hopefully you learn from that.

What’s your take on that, JM?

JM: First of all, thank you very much, Sean, and for SEO Hacker for everything that you’re doing for others.

So Erika, my encouragement for you is to really challenge yourself. Because if you won’t be able to challenge yourself, then you won’t be able to grow. You won’t be able to grow in your personal life and even in your business. So just like what Sean mentioned earlier the year, join these groups and train yourself. Even go to YouTube. There are a lot of courses there that are free. You can learn from other people who already experienced this and who are confident in public speaking. So I think that is very important in order for you to challenge yourself and in order for you to grow more.

Sean: We have a question from Mich. What are the life systems you have put in place to stay productive? Do you have any productivity hacks you can suggest that we can apply inside and outside of work?

Well, as a CEO, I fixed a lot of problems, you know. It just falls on my plate, comes my way and I have to figure out the solution. Often I ask people if they have solutions, because it’s hard for me to always be the one thinking of solutions. So if they have two or three solutions, put them on the table, we’ll work on that. And my day just becomes productive really by fixing the problems of my people in the team.

Aside from that, I make sure that I list down my work, the tasks I need to do. Again, I use Todoist. I’m not a promoter. I’m not affiliated with them, but that’s what I use. I pay for it. I integrated it. And that helps me to make sure I have a plumb line to measure if I am doing well, I am finishing tasks, and if I have to go to an emergency meeting or there’s a critical issue burning in the company and I have to fix that, when I get back to my desk, there’s my task list. I still remember what I need to do.

A lot of people forget. They get lost and can’t remember them. But because I have my task list, I know what I need to do, and I stay productive that way. Also simple as a calendar, right? Google Calendar. It’s the shizz. I love it. So I just put everything in my calendar. People know how busy I am already because my calendar is pretty public for my team. They can see what meetings I have. They can pretty much see what’s going to happen in my life that day at work. So they know when they can schedule more meetings for me with the client or, you know, if I have to fix things, or with them, if they want me to mentor them, they know it. So that’s another productivity hack.

You know, there’s no magic trick. If you’re thinking there’s a magic trick for me that I get to finish 15 stuff, tasks a day, there’s no magic trick. There’s just focus. Do what you need to do. Start with the biggest things, the most important things. Even if it’s a big chunk, start with that, because that’s the most important thing.

You know, I’m not sure if you guys know the analogy where there are a couple of people, they got a big jar and they started filling it up. And they put in the sand first and then they put in the small pebbles and then the big pebbles. And it no longer fits. The big pebbles couldn’t get in because it’s filled with sand and the small pebbles and the big pebbles. But if you actually put the big pebbles first, the big rocks, and then you put in the small pebbles and then fill it up with sand, then everything falls into place. Everything fits.

It’s the same with our life at work. Sometimes we like finishing the easiest tasks first because we feel good finishing and checking that from our task list. But what we’re really doing is filling up our jar with sand. And so the important things don’t get done for that day and they have to be moved to the next day. And since the next day is already filled, it would keep getting procrastinated until we feel bad about it, that we can’t finish stuff on time.

So finish the important stuff first. There should only be one to three super important things that you’re going to be finishing that day and the rest is all gravy. If you finish them, that’s perfect and fantastic. If you don’t, that’s okay. So yeah, those are some of the things that I’d suggest. How about you?

JM: I think just to add, because you already mentioned a lot of great life hacks. Okay. So maybe just putting boundaries. If you will say, okay, from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM, I will have my me time and my quiet time. And then from 9:00 AM to 5: PM, I will do my work. And then in the evening I can do my other projects or spend more time with my family. So I think having boundaries with a system that you create is very important. And really setting up your goals annually, monthly, weekly, and daily, so that’s just something that I want to add from what Sean already mentioned.

Sean: That’s really good stuff, right? Put your goals into place. Give them time. If you don’t put a time on your goals, they’re called eternal goals.

JM: Right.

Sean: And they will never get done. So good stuff. Good stuff.

Really glad that we have JM here who is a certified grief coach. Again, if you want to get in touch with her, please do on Instagram, @seasonswithmsjm. Send her a message. If you want to ask her about coaching or if you know someone who needs her, then that’s the place to go, Instagram right there.

Thanks to all of you watching here and who have stayed with us. I really appreciate you. Thank you. Let me know who you are. Send me a message as well. I’m on Facebook. We’re on TikTok right now. I can’t believe I’m on Tiktok, but we are.

JM: Wow.

Sean: Yeah. So that’s it for tonight. Take care.

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