Jeff Kamys’ Keys to Successful Serial Entrepreneurship

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Jeff Kamys’ Keys to Successful Serial Entrepreneurship


Jeff: And so it’s a really complex process for a reason and there’s a whole bunch of rules and guidelines, unlike kind of any other world. I mean, compliance in the financial service space is really complex, but it’s just like any other business. There are hurdles and there’s a learning curve, and it’s all really fun and exciting too. You know, it’s kind of a massive, you know, someone I heard somebody actually made a great comment. We always hear about this. I said, well, it was like one of the most powerful ideas you had. I’m stealing this. It’s not my idea. It’s a great idea. But he said the idea of compounding. So when we think about compounding all the time, we think about how our money compounds. Yeah, right. Over time. But he spoke of it differently, and this was really a great way to look at it. He said It’s the compounding of knowledge. So every day you have a chance to compound your knowledge, hyper-intelligent. And so I think no matter what happens on this, I’ve had a chance to compile my knowledge and a whole other space and meet a whole other world of people that can open up my eyes to a whole bunch of other ideas and things.
That’s how you have to be as an entrepreneur, not knowing if this thing is going to work out. But you know that there are doors in that building that you enter that may open another door somewhere else and you have no idea. And that’s what that’s how you got to stay open to everything. But that’s how you lose, too. Yeah, for sure. I mean, you could stay open, the door opens, and then it’s like, Wow, this is a scary door and you want to close it because that’s how life is. But you know, you have to stay open every time you fail. And that’s kind of like the old tech thing. You know, I heard Marc Andreessen say it’s like the hardest thing about having success is that you become more afraid to take those risks later. So once you have it, how do you still stay open to ideas? It’s not that you don’t have the ideas, it’s just you have the guts or the wherewithal or the courage to take that risk down the road again. And that’s kind of what it takes, You know, what it takes. So I don’t know, I guess I’m either stupid or I’m very courageous, very courageous. To keep taking those is to keep taking those things on.

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