How Yasi Zhang Got Into Starting Her Own Marketing Agency

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How Yasi Zhang Got Into Starting Her Own Marketing Agency


Sean: So I want to ask and you mentioned that you had a digital marketing agency in Singapore. Why did you choose digital marketing as your business and how did you start that?
Yasi: Yeah. So back then I started that company aside is more like a consulting, less digital marketing agency, as is what I’m doing now. Back then I had a full-time job and I have this other side because I told you, right? I always thought about, Oh, I want to try entrepreneurship, I want to just gain more experience. So I started taking one client at a side. And then there are people and my friends, you know, people refer to people. Then I work on a few other projects. That’s why I founded the company back then in Singapore. Usually that’s how I decide what to do I look at what I’m good at. Then I don’t have to spend time picking up a new skill in what I’m good at because I’m already doing marketing for ten years. You know, back then, maybe not ten, five, six years, and this is what I know. And then brand building, this is what I’m good at. And then I don’t need to invest in capital expenditure. That’s why I use my personal time to exchange for rewards. So that’s a natural conclusion.

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