How to Build Your Online Presence as an Executive

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How to Build Your Online Presence as an Executive


Sean: So one of the things that I’m wondering about, aside from the entrepreneur or the executive doing a million things every day, why else should they get your services aside from them being too busy?

Bant: Right. Well, I mean, I think the biggest reason that they do it is that it obviously helps them to garner other opportunities that will help their business as well. So we find that our clients and customers get opportunities to speak at events, speak at online conferences, getting asked to be advisory board members of other companies. We’ve seen it, which allows them to shape the narrative of where the industry or the market is going. And so being a participant with other thought leaders in your specific space allows you to actually then structure that space.

Bant: It plays a huge role in talent recruitment and retention because I think we’re all fooling ourselves. Right now, we’re all trying to hire. Hire, hire, hire. It’s very hard to hire people right now, but, you know, don’t fool yourself. Yeah, don’t fool yourself. People are looking you up online when they’re coming in for a job and what they see there really matters. So, in the talent recruitment as well as the retention game, it matters. We find that a lot of people leave companies because they feel like they’ve lost a voice in that company. You know, our solution obviously helps executives kind of regain that voice again, which is quite important.

Bant: And then in terms of sales, we do a global study every year and our research has shown that customers that follow an executive of a company as well as the brand, are twice as likely to purchase from that company. So all of those reasons, I think, really are why you build up your online presence. And also it’s just tremendously more efficient.

Bant: And I think it reflects also something that’s very human that we shouldn’t forget in a digital world which is that – whilst we have the technology to connect with one another in a variety of different ways is two of us are doing right now, Sean – people like to talk to people. I like to talk to you. You like to talk to me. It’s just there’s something about being human, you know, humans want to know that there’s a human being somewhere involved in something.

Sean: For sure.

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