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How to Build Trust With Your Clients

Since you started your business at a very young age, how did you make your clients trust you? Does age discrimination still exist?

I think so. When I was younger, I think that when they ask for my age and I do say that I’m in my twenties, that it does affect their decision. I do believe that. But then again, SEO is a very blue ocean before. Not a lot of people knew what it was and those who wanted to do it during that time, early 2010, those people were forward-thinking. They were early in the market, early adopters. So they were ready to try out someone who’s in his twenties.

So I think that it was there, the age discrimination or the lack of trust because you’re young. But I also think that they were willing enough because they know that it’s the younger generation that’s really tech savvy. And it’s the younger generation that’s really going to be knowing what SEO is and how to do it.

How I made them trust me is, whenever they have questions, I’ll make sure to answer them with integrity and honesty. You just look them in the eye and say what the answer is and how you get to that level is, you study a lot. You experiment a lot. I was extremely obsessed with ranking and SEO. And I studied the ins and outs actually from way back when, up until today. And whatever it is that I learned then, I think that a lot of them you can’t learn deeply now because there’s a lot of stuff now that they will tell you, but the foundational truths are not being pronounced.

So there are a lot of things that I know that are valuable and they saw that and they felt that, and then they saw the results as well. And I was able to partner with the biggest brands here in the country and produce results for them as well. So that kind of snowballed into other clients trusting me, even if I was in my early twenties during the, I’m 32. So I just turned, I just turned 30 a couple of years ago. So I think that the portfolio did me a lot of good. So you have to build that portfolio.

How can a hobbyist increase his or her credibility to their potential clients?

If you have a portfolio. I think that is the best way. You have to have a portfolio of past projects that you’ve done. It has to be impressive. Of course, big brands or good brands would help a lot. And case studies. How you helped them and took them from point A to point B.

So with SEO Hacker, our case studies are usually, this is where client A was. They were making like 200 sessions a month. And when we came in, they’re now making 200,000 sessions a month. And that’s huge and they’re making millions out of that when they were making zero before. So that kind of case study and how I wrote it and how I had it designed is a big deal. And we close deals that way. So that should help you out. Especially Sarah, I know that you are very good with graphics and video. I’m a hundred percent sure you can do a portfolio.

If you’re finding it difficult, then get in touch with me. That is why we have the discord channel. I can help you out. Just let me know if you want to check out our portfolio as well, that could be a template for you, and you could do an easy one. No problem.

How do you maintain great relationships with your clients? Do you talk to them regularly? How often?

Before I talk with them regularly. Now, I talk to them from time to time and that’s because I do have account managers now, and they’re the ones handling the relationship with the clients. Usually the client would also have their counterparts in the team. And so my account managers would be the one facing that counterpart and building the relationship with them.

But for the clients that I’ve built, I’ve partnered with since the beginning, I do personally talk with them. I do personally visit them sometimes. How often? Not often. Because in digital marketing and SEO, you don’t need to meet every day. Usually I would visit them on special occasions or if there’s a problem or if we’re re-contracting. It’s just special times that I need to visit them in their offices.

How do you look for new business opportunities? When do you know an investment is right for you?

When there’s a problem and there’s market demand, I think that is a very good opportunity. So if people are finding it hard to buy something, to hire something, to purchase a product, a service, and there is a demand so a lot of people are looking for it, I think that it is a good business opportunity.

How do I look for it? Usually when I personally encountered the problem, that’s how I know that there’s a business opportunity there. When do I know an investment is right for me? I pray about it. If I know that God is telling me to go for it, then I go for it. And also, I study it. If I think I can do it well, then I go for it. But if I don’t think I can do it well, I don’t think I can give it time, then I don’t go for that investment.

Do you have real estate investments? Do you plan on investing in properties in the future? What are the pros and cons?

Investments where I own the asset, no, unfortunately. And I think that is because the real estate investment became higher and higher and skyrocketed when the  Duterte administration came into power and the POGO industry came in. So unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get in real estate and invest there because it became too expensive for me to get in that boat.

And I was also making sure that I have a good safety net. So that when emergencies happen, I’m able to fund whatever it is that need to be funded. That includes lawsuits, if any, that includes the pandemic. Really what happened was I took from the safety net and if I didn’t have a safety net, that’s going to be a big problem. But thank God I had a safety net.

So one of the reasons why I didn’t invest in real estate is, it’s too risky for me to do that. It’s not yet time and I didn’t want to take out a big loan in a long-term loan for me to be able to do that. Also, I was paying for my house because it was still on loan and yeah, only recently have I been able to pay it off. Those are the things that were factors for me from getting into real estate.

Do you plan on investing?

Yes. In the future. Definitely. Yeah. I think I would like to buy a commercial property and have it rented out. That is one of the long-term investments I want to make.

What questions should a starting businessman consider asking?

A lot. You should ask a lot of questions and you should ask the questions to the person you want to copy, or you want to be someday. So you get a lot of mentors, especially in your industry. That is something that I think you should do. And ask anything and everything that you think is important for you to start your business well, and to grow it right. Hiring, firing, getting your first office, salary range. When should you pay yourself? When should you get insurance? There are so many questions, so just list it down and you just ask it from mentors in your circle of influence. People who are successful, people who you want to emulate.

Is it better to find a mentor with the same gender as you?

Generally, yes. But it’s not necessary or critical. I think as long as you’re, you know, it should be a mentor-mentee relationship, right? The guy teaching you, especially you online now via zoom, you have to have your boundaries, so only ask questions about business and work. Don’t share personal problems, especially your relationship problems. That I think is a no-no.

So if you’re going to find a mentor with different gender, with the opposite sex, let’s just use the opposite sex. Make sure that you only talk about business. The questions that you have are prepared beforehand. Don’t ask questions that are not relevant to your business or your career growth.

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