How Technology Can Improve Farmers’ Lives

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How Technology Can Improve Farmers’ Lives


Sean: What is Zagana’s vision as a company?

Jason: I’ll start with our purpose. Our purpose is to uplift lives using technology. So technology comes a lot into play. You have the logistics process where you bring the produce from point A to point B. Number two is how you will be able to prolong and maintain the produce. And number three is how you can make transactions as seamless as possible – so we did the instant commerce.

Jason: So our mission here is to bridge the gap between food producers and consumers. So food producers who are they? They are the farmers, the fishermen, the livestock growers. So we are focused on the agricultural industry.

Jason: We have four visions. The number one vision is we want to create and we have we want to create great talents and let them thrive in our Zagana setting. So bringing that culture and providing the right people to put in place will help grow the company and not just the company, but also the community. Number two is we want to make sure that our stakeholders are happy, Who are we helping? We are helping the farmers and the delivery riders. We have to make sure that they have ownership as well because, you know, giving them ownership is letting them know that they should be responsible enough to bring in that service. They will make sure that the product is safe, and they will be able to handle it and give good service. And then our third vision is to make sure that we showcase our values and culture, which entails our vision.

Sean: Amazing.

Jason: I am just going to add to that, so another vision that is very important for us is that we want to farm to be the preferred livelihood. So what does that mean? It means that we want to encourage the young generations to go back into farming. And it is a fact that the average age of our farmers today is 60. Because nowadays there is a bad connotation if you’re a ‘farmer’, so the youth today does not even consider going back into farming. So we want to make it the preferred livelihood. So we want the people to know that there is gold in agriculture. And going back to farming is a really different experience, and some people will attest to that, especially those who are farming nowadays, they realize that ‘farming is delightful,’ and ‘it is also fulfilling to be able to help.’ And the other vision is we want to make farming the preferred livelihood, and then for consumers – we want to allow every consumer to have access to safe produce. So eventually we are aiming that we’ll be able to provide them our products, something that’s very convenient and better service.

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