How Sanicare CEO Ven Sio Prioritizes Self-Improvement

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How Sanicare CEO Ven Sio Prioritizes Self-Improvement


Sean: Okay. We have our next question from Chucks – how do you find the time, energy, and space to keep working and improving your business?

Ven: That is the hardest thing because time is the most precious valuable resource out there. But this is something you need – we need to build into ourselves. You can’t ‘not’ do it because there’s such a thing as working on your business and working in your business. So working in your business is what you do – the things that are bothering you right now, that’s your in your business. But working on your business is another important thing you need to do and you have to institutionalize that. So I do have my own – I just finished my think week, so I do take a few days to just think about the business, what we need to do. This is normally around the time that we’re planning for next year. So you’re really looking at the things you want to do for your business that’s not related to what’s the current concerns, the current crisis. Like in our family, we learned seven habits very early on, and a large part of that is actually knowing what’s important and what’s urgent.

Ven: And normally you should really work on what’s important even more. And what’s important is the viability of the business, the big view, the long-term view, the investments you’re making. So it depends on where you’re at in the business. Like right now, maybe you feel like there’s like wave after wave of problems happening. Just do a little bit of the important stuff first. You’ll have actually less crisis down the road. So if you’re in that moment right now, this too shall pass camion. But you need to really figure out what’s important and try to solve that. And then you go back to what’s urgent. And for us it’s what’s really important is working on your business.

Ven: So like for us to realize like our business is and we’re really kind of like a logistics company. So we had to take a look at our warehouses, our relationship with our truckers, our own fleet, the kind of people we would have, and the kind of software that we would recently digitalize our warehouse management software. So these are not easy tasks that you have to really push together. It’s like the WMS one is like a two-year thing. It’s not easy. And but if you’re saying, okay, if logistics is one of the most important things we can do as a business, then we need to put our best investments, our money, our effort, our energy towards that. And it might be difficult in the short term, but you know that you’re moving in the right direction and it will pay off in the long run. I think having that courage is really in that perspective is needed. So personally I do think weeks we also follow the Sabbath every week. You really have to take time for yourself. Really step back and have perspective. But yeah, it’s probably the most important priority you’re going to have, even though it feels like you want to attend to that crisis right now.

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