How Nicole Alba’s Love For Personal Finance Started

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How Nicole Alba’s Love For Personal Finance Started


Sean: So yeah, the next question would be, how do I start managing my money better? I think this might be from coming from the context that she’s having some difficulty managing money right now.

Nicole: Oh, this is like hot fire personal finance question. I would always say that with anything that you do, it’s always important to know the reason why you’re doing it. I think this is a broad question. A lot of people have difficulty managing money. For me, it’s easy because I find it fun. I think it’s just something that I have fun with, but I know for most people, it’s something that they really struggle with. And we all know it’s important to manage your money. It’s important to be responsible with it – to you can do with money, all those things. We don’t need any more people telling us that it’s important. We know that. But a lot of us have difficulty controlling our impulses, probably maybe finding ways to earn money, for example. But at least I would say like, how do you start managing your money better? For one is first to figure out why you’re doing it in the first place. Maybe you’re not managing as well because you think you’re impulse spending a lot and you’re not. You can’t control it. Like you’re not very responsible with your money. Try to dig deep at that, why is that the case? Why do you think that you’re not managing your money well? Is it because you’re probably spending too much? Is it because you think that you’re not investing enough? I think that’s how it’s always how I would start with things. And when people ask me certain questions like this, you should know why are you doing it? Like, why is this a problem for you?

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