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Doing Business with Family

Welcome back guys to Leadership Stack Live. For those of you who haven’t joined the community yet, you can join us on this chord. If you want to ask me consulting questions, business questions, entrepreneurship questions, or even if it is career questions, you can ask it there and I will be getting to answering them every Thursday night at 8:00 PM.

Just to share with you, we have the podcast on Spotify and you can follow the podcast on Spotify if you are keen on learning more new things. I’m going to start answering a couple of questions.

Question from Jazz. They say, family business will ruin your family. What is your say on this?

I think it depends on how you run the family business. Because early on, we were farmers and hunters. A lot of businesses before were family businesses and they had more time as a family. And we could see families now, there’s divorced, left and right, and that’s because the husband and the wife are working different jobs. And sometimes, there’s affairs going on and they grow separately, their separate ways.

And you know, I think working in a family business is a blessing. We see people doing farming. The father is a farmer. The mother takes care of the house or grows some of the crops and the kids also help. I think it’s a privilege and a blessing to work in a family business, but you have to do it right.

Just like any other company, you have to do things right. If you do things wrong, then the company will crumble and fall down and be torn apart. And I think that as a family, you have more chances of getting up. Rather than if you’re starting a company with friends, there’s more chances of you not getting up, not having the grit to rebuild the business, especially if it’s a startup company.

So I think that having a family business is actually really good, but that assumes that your family dynamic is also good. Of course, you’re not going to decide to start a business with family if your family dynamics is screwed up. So that is the implicit understanding there.  

How do you do business with people who are unbelievers?

I do business with them. I don’t make them partners. I don’t do joint ventures with them because I wouldn’t do that with unbelievers. It’s hard to be yoked with them. You know, the Bible, that’s what it says, do not be yoked with unbelievers. And what that means is if you’re partners with them, meaning you’re 50-50 with them, or a hundred percent effort from you and a hundred percent effort from them, together, you’re walking hand in hand, going hand in hand, and I think that is not good.

So I don’t have any joint ventures or partnerships with unbelievers. In fact, most of my businesses, I don’t have any partners. Yeah. I don’t have any partners or I’m always the majority owner. I don’t have a business where I’m a minority stake, unless I’m a silent partner. I don’t like being a minority. So I’d rather be silent than minority. You do business usually to avoid headaches. And you do business with other people also, it has to be clear to you who’s the industrial partner, who’s the funder, vice versa.

If you’re the industrial partner, then the funders has to be clear who’s in charge. There has to be only one head. If there are many heads, that’s not going to work. A person with many heads, that’s a monster, right? So you cannot have many heads leading a single company or organization.

How many years did it take to establish the identity of SEO hacker?

Oh, man, I’m not sure how long for it to be established, but I would say three years. It took three years for me to blog in SEO Hacker for it to be really recognized. And when I say recognized, I mean, by the industry at large as one of the best SEO companies here in the country.

So I think in my second year I was, no, it was in my first year that SEO hacker was ranking for the keyword SEO Philippines already. And again, that may be because during that time it was a blue ocean and competition wasn’t that tight. So I was ranking for SEO Philippines, I think I was in the third place. We’ve held first place for a very long time. Now Google is fluctuating so we’re in the top one or two spots right now, but we’ve had the very first place for a very long time within the decade.

And I think that helped us to just be catapulted into the radar of the industry at large. Also, we have a lot of readers, mostly from the US. Philippines is our fifth strongest reader base, but we do have readers here in the Philippines. And whenever I go and talk with clients, they would usually say that they know SEO Hacker because they read the blog or they know someone in their company who reads the blog and who shares our stuff. So I think , just to be safe, I would say around two or three years, for SEO Hacker to have its brand established.

Question. Where do you see SEO Hacker five years from now?

I see it happy without me and winning without me. So I want the people to be the best they can be and they’re doing things without me and they’re doing it better without me, actually. Yeah. I want that to happen with them. And I want to partner up with 500 companies who will be our digital marketing partners, meaning we provide their digital marketing for them, they’re happy, successful, and winning online.

Next question from jazz. Was it ever your goal to become a young CEO?

No, it wasn’t. When I was graduating, I always thought I was going to climb the corporate ladder because that’s what my dad wanted for me. And even when I was going to quit my first job in HP, me and my dad had a conflict about that because he wanted me to climb the corporate ladder. And I told him that I think it doesn’t make sense for me to do that because what I’m earning in SEO Hacker is way bigger than my day job during that time.

So it wasn’t my goal, it’s a series of divine appointments, actually. That’s how I see it. It’s really God leading me to where he wants me to be. I thought I was going to be a full-time servant in church, maybe a pastor, maybe, I don’t know, like an usher or something, but, or climb the corporate ladder, but  he called me to be a businessman in the marketplace. So yeah. You know, many are plans in a man’s heart, but it’s God’s will that prevails.

Did you feel some sort of pressure from being a Chinese businessman?

I’m not sure. Or maybe the answer is I haven’t felt that pressure. A Chinese business person is an advantage when it comes to dealing with Chinese counterparts in the negotiation. So it makes it a lot easier for me to close deals with Filipino-Chinese owners as well or managers.

I don’t think that there’s another SEO company that’s owned by a Fil-Chi. So I think SEO Hacker is pretty much the only one. The good thing about that is whenever I have a pitch and the owner’s Fil-Chi, I almost always get the deal. And I think that’s because I relate better. I speak Hokkien which is, I think it’s the most spoken Filipino Chinese dialect in the country. So yeah, it makes it easier for me actually, to close deals from the Fil-Chi community.

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