Does Your Business Need Digital Marketing?

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Does Your Business Need Digital Marketing?


Sean: But what about these SMEs, small to medium business owners? Maybe small business owners are mostly our listeners. What do you advise? Where do they start? They start with paid ads. Do they start with Facebook? Do they start with Instagram or a website?

Farzad: There is a process I always recommend folks because I get a lot of people asking, Hey, that’s worth my time for any business. It doesn’t matter what you do, whether you sell t-shirts or you sell a software product or you are an SEO agency, doesn’t matter. Whatever you do, put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer. Like, Who do I sell to? Here’s my ideal customer as a person X, Y, or Z, and answer three questions. Question number one, is that person aware of the problem that you’re solving? Are they actively looking for a solution to their problem? If the answer is yes, then take it a step forward. Like, okay, well, they’re aware of their problem where they’re looking for a solution. If the answer to that is they’re googling about it, then it’s almost idiotic not to focus on SEO because that’s where your customers are hanging out.

Now, let’s imagine that you have a t-shirt company, you sell hoodies and t-shirts. Do people want t-shirts? Do that. Are they aware of the problem? Yes. We all wear t-shirts. Are they Googling about it? Most likely not. Right. So for a lifestyle company, like a t-shirt company, your best bet is probably Instagram or Facebook ads, and TV ads and whatnot. Now let’s flip the script. Let’s say you run a medical device company and sell very expensive hospital equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. So is your target audience aware of the problem-solving? Probably not, because they’re running their business as they would. And you built a better mousetrap. So they don’t even know that they would probably need a product like you.

So you even want to stop the research process there and SEO just rolls it out, paid out. Just rule it out. Go ahead, hire salespeople, go the door to door to your hospitals, and start selling this thing to doctors and hospital administration. What I’m saying is there’s a very simple check-in understanding of what your customer journey looks like and building your acquisition channel based on and parallel to that. So for us, for example, if you want a link-building solution, as an SEO agency, you’re our target customer. Sean are you aware that you have a problem with your link building? Yes. We all need to do link building. We need to set up tools. Are you Googling about it? Yeah, probably. You’re Googling about it to find out. What are some of the latest tools in the market? Now let’s understand what are you Googling and go cater to that search. So if you go and look up link-building software now Respona should be in the top three. So what I’m trying to say is that it’s a very simple process. So if you’re new to digital marketing, it doesn’t mean either one of these channels works better than another. It’s entirely reliant on your business model and your acquisition strategy.

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