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Brand Storytelling And Why It Matters

Sean: From TJ, the question is, Hi! I’m planning to build a team here in the Philippines, based on what skills I currently have. Something digital creative like image, editing, video, editing, animation. 

Any advice on how I can successfully start if I’ll be starting from scratch? Where do I get clients, legalities the client can request from abroad?

Jayson: If you’re starting a business at this age, it might be better to do it. That’s the business. I don’t know if you’re working or if you have something else on the side.  Right now, what’s important is you build your portfolio first. How can you have that  portfolio? It’s either, you do work for free, or you do jobs for a lower TF to build that portfolio. But the best marketing, as Sean mentioned, is word of mouth.

That’s how you start in any business. So you talk to people in your warm list. And then you start getting recommendations. Don’t get referrals. You call them recommendations. Because a referral is like being referred to by numerous people until they call you saying,

“Hi,I was referred by these people and those and like that,” but if it’s the recommendation, they will connect you directly to that person being the bridge. “Oh, by the way, my, my friend is starting this and that.  I remember you need this and that. Oh, I’m connecting you to him. This is blabla”. So there’s a bridge that connects you directly to a certain person. And from there, that’s when you will find out what type of services your client needs.

That’s how most businesses start, it’s really hit and miss. What you’re thinking about, that type of business now has very tight competition. And those people who will get you initially would be people that came from your warm list and recommendations.

With regards to the team, you mentioned you’re planning to start the team.

I actually spoke with one young entrepreneur and he’s doing very well. He’s like 27 years old. He said to me, you know, Jayson, when I read your book, YOUnique, the four personality types. It gave me an aha moment. Like, “ah. That’s why my people don’t work because of their personality type and behavior”.

So ever since, now he learned that he read the book. He instructed his team in a new way and that helped him. So you’ll see what type of person you are and probably what type of entrepreneur you can be based on your personality.

Sean: Hi, I do have advice for you, legalities for clients abroad. You don’t have to worry about that. If you can accept payment through, for example, Paypal. If you don’t, like even if you have a contract here, even if you have a legally binding entity here, but they’re going to be signing it, signing it from all the way from the USA and they don’t have a legal entity here to represent them, to bind them to your contract, they can just up and leave, they can just opt not to pay you.

So it’s quite tricky if you’re a freelancer or even if you’re a business and you’re going to be doing work for companies abroad. And you don’t have a legal entity there, or you don’t have an organization there who can represent you. It’s difficult when things get dirty or messy, it’s difficult that way.

But if you have a mutual agreement, you both respect each other. You do great work. They pay on time. Then you don’t have any problems there. How you can successfully start, what Jayson said about the portfolio. A hundred percent agree, especially because you’re going to start a services business. So how we started with SEO, I had my God And You blog when I started out. The articles are still up.

You can find it on my website. So I wrote a lot of articles about my faith, my journey in God, as a single Christian man during that time. And I made sure that I rank for the keywords that I wanted, I actually learned SEO because no one was reading my stuff. I wanted people to read my stuff.

So it’s kind of the opposite. I had to learn SEO because my blog was not getting any traffic. And my blog was actually my first portfolio. My first client was Scuba World, this is  the biggest scuba diving company in the Philippines during that time. And believe it or not, I didn’t have any portfolio back then. So when the owner asked me, can I see past work?

I said, well, if it’s okay for you for me to show you my personal blog then, yeah, sure. And he said, yeah show me the personal blog. So I showed him. As funny as it sounds right now, I cannot believe. Now looking back, I can’t believe I did that. I really can’t. It works. I landed the deal. That’s my first client.

It’s good money. And that’s what I used to grow the business. So. Yeah. You also have to have some guts as well, when you pitch.

We have a business question from Richard. He says, Hi. I started doing pasabuy kind of business by reselling products from overseas. Such as IKEA small items and kids’ stuff. It’s been a month since I’m doing this. And there’s, it seems like there’s no one who would like to buy from me. Any advice if you think this business is wrong? I’m an introvert. And somehow I’m asking people to buy my stuff. And it’s really hard. It’s really hard for me to ask people, to buy my stuff.

Jayson: Well, if you’re shy about it, then you might need a best kept secret. With what we’re doing it’s the same. For example, with me as a speaker, I coach some financial advisors in insurance, real estate. We have to get ourselves out there, including our business. You know, the saying, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. But in this social media age, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. But it’s who knows what you are doing or who knows what you know.

The best way right now, is really, really, social media. How you can study those Facebook ads and to have a good business, a good line of products. And there are many doing that now. It’s getting kind of saturated. But you have to attach a narrative on the product, there has to be a story.

In other words, for example, let’s go back to speaking. There are a lot of speakers. Why would they get Jayson though? There are a lot of speakers. Why would I get Sean Si? But people would get us because of the narrative or our personal narrative that resonates with them. There’s this one website’s name, Then, the items are ordinary items.

Let’s say a plastic banana. So a significant object that is a plastic banana, the price would be a few cents, but they were able to sell it at $78. So in a sense, the price isn’t at 50 pesos yet but he was able to sell it for about 4,000 pesos.

And they have a lot of items that are like that. It’s just because of a narrative. It’s like the brand Supreme. If you think about it, it’s just a t-shirt. But if you place its branding there, boom. That’s it. The price is a lot, or the well-known brands. So finding a way to create that narrative, because people don’t buy your products. People buy you before they buy the product, or they buy any opportunity.

So you have to find a way to do that. And then as for being an introvert, it’s fine because it’s in social media. You just have to message them. That’s the  safety of the introverts. Believe it or not, I’m an introvert. So you don’t really have to talk to people. Hey, how are you? But you can just message them. Even though you’re an introvert, it’s more convenient doing that. You start with your warm market, message them, show them the products and make a narrative. Why is this better than other pasabuys? Something like that. Then put a cat emoji like the begging eyes then that could increase your sales.

Sean: But yeah, no. It’s amazing, so what I got from that is storytelling. Storytelling is very important. How you tell the story about your product, what it does, the benefits, how you bought it, how difficult it is to get it.

It could be from different angles when you’re the one telling the story, the story follows you. And that is one way to differentiate yourself and to make your product more interesting. I couldn’t believe that a plastic banana would sell for that much. That’s, it’s just crazy. But it’s amazing,  storytelling, the power of storytelling.

So Richard, that’s one thing that you could try doing. Marketing is definitely something that you must do. And one of the best ways to market, especially when you’re new in the industry is storytelling. And after that, of course you have to follow up with great customer service. You have to have promoters, people who bought from you that will share your story to other people so that they can all also buy from you. Word of mouth marketing is still the best form of marketing today.

Jayson: You know, Sean, I teach that in my speaking program. I’m sure you’ve heard of this though. Your storytelling would be elevating it into a story selling. Yeah. So you’re doing story selling and sometimes you don’t even need to sell anymore. You sell without selling, using the power of stories.

Sean: Thank you brother. For your time tonight. We really appreciate it. We learned a lot. I think we’re better for it. Yeah.

Jayson: Thank you for having me Sean. Congratulations. You’re the most, one of the most diligent podcasters.

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