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An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Keeping Employees Happy

How do you reward your employees? Do you give bonuses?

Reward? We have perks. So we have what we call patches. We award them with patches, medyo military. Yung mga military patch, Private, Sergeant, Three Star General, Lieutenant, so we have those kinds of things that we stick to their jackets. Of course, we’re the ones who produced the jackets for them. This was way back when we were in the office. Now kasi we don’t hold office anymore, we work from home. So we’re still figuring it out how we’re going to do that. And per patch, we have a perk. So we give them a perk, could be like a, you have extra minutes for breaks, something like that. Right? So this is just an example, or you get one paid vacation leave, something like that.

So those are perks. Those are rewards. But you know, what’s important there? It’s not really the perks. It’s not really the jacket. It’s not even the patches. What’s important is you recognize them for their effort. We give them patches when they practice the core values. So we have six core values. We have grit, respect for work, and we have unity, challenger experimentation, and then clarity. If they keep on practicing any of these and we see that the practice it and the votes are in their favor because we do vote, the leadership team votes, who is deserving of the batch. Then we give them the patch. And they get recognized in front of the entire team. So that’s in front of 50 people.

There is a saying that the last time a person gets applauded is usually during their graduation day. I was quite sad when I heard that, because when you think about it, it’s quite true. The last time a person got applauded is during their graduation day, it’s quite sad. So we tried to figure out how we can fix that in SEO Hacker. We have our clap sessions. We really applaud people. We really recognize them. I’m sure other companies do it in some other way, like employee of the month or employee of the week. I don’t know if you have employee of the day, but I’m sure other companies do it in some other way.

But we’re very intentional in doing this. Because for us, yeah, you can give bonuses. Yeah, you can give monetary rewards. Yeah, you can compete in the salary market. But we don’t want to compete that way. Because the one thing that’s hollow in the hearts of a lot of people now, is a team that really cares about them and a team that really appreciates them. Ayon yung kulang, hindi naman yung pera, so we do it that way at SEO Hacker.

From Patrick. How do you keep your employees happy? Can you measure that?

Good question. Patrick Lencioni says, employees need to know that what they’re doing matters in the big picture. This is a long process. First thing you do, you have to make sure that you cast the vision and your entire team knows what the vision is. After that one, you’re moving towards that vision because that’s what makes a company. Company’s a group of individuals moving towards the vision together. How can you be moving towards the vision together if certain people in your team don’t know why the heck they’re doing some things? So you have to explain to them how, what they’re doing matters as you move towards that vision.

For example, we have writers in the team. And it’s easy for them to lose sight of what they’re doing and just think, you know, I’m writing articles for clients and I write topics that I’m not an expert about, and I just researched about it. They can easily think that way and lose heart for what they’re doing because no one wants to turn out a lot of articles per day for nothing. But if you show them, this is what your articles are doing, we’re getting this much hits, visits, and the clients are getting this much sales from what you’re doing. Now, that is engaging them. And now they’re going to be figuring out, “Oh okay, that’s what I’m doing, that’s from my results. Wow. I want to do more of that.”

So not only do you, the entrepreneur benefit from that, the team leader benefits from that by explaining to them, how and why, but the entire team, the entire company benefits from that. Because the person felt better that they’re not just a cog in the machine. That they’re actually doing something that matters to the world at large. We have clients that are pharmaceutical companies and they are helping people by distributing drugs. Drugs that help people get better. So you are helping pretty much the entire world or at least the entire Philippines when you write articles for that client. So you connect. That’s how you engage your team members. You show them the metrics, make sure that you measure it and show them how their work matters.

Question. How do you hire employees?

I am a horrible hire. So I’m really bad in hiring people. I’ve said this as well in the past episodes, we have a six step hiring process, which has changed because now we’re working remotely. Usually the first interview is, would be with my HR. The next one would be with the team leader. The next one would be with my COO. Fourth one would be with my GM. And the last one is with me.  Why it’s so long? And we have exams in between pa, like we have the tests for the position they’re applying for. We have the personality tests. We have the core values exam.

And this entire thing is in my book. If you want to buy the book, it’s in Amazon, search 50 X Your Business. I wrote that book, launch it in Amazon, Amazon KDP. So I can’t sell it anywhere, but Amazon. 50 X Your Business, I wrote the entire hiring process that we do there, as well as the core value exam, yung questions na tinatanong to see if someone will fit SEO Hacker with our core values, it’s all there. So if you want to buy the book, get it from Amazon, download it in your mobile phone, Kindle or PC. If you have a Kindle, an actual Kindle, download it there.

And, yeah, basically we made the hiring process very, very long. It’s because we want to make sure that we’re hiring really the best people and the right people. Having the wrong hire is disastrous. I cannot stress this enough. If you hired the wrong person, they will wreak havoc in your team. They’ll gossip. They’re little politicians running their own little world. It’s horrible. It’s just really bad. And, I’m sick and tired of that, so we made sure that the hiring process is really good, really extensive. And we weed out, honestly, I think we turned down 95% of our applicants. Only 5% gets to me. But when they get to me, they’re as good as hired, unless they say something stupid. That’s the only time that I don’t accept them.

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